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Mental health care is a large concern in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Years of war and violence have left huge invisible scars in much of the population. Cases of mental illness are increasing as the country enters a post conflict period. Despite the growing numbers of people who need help, there are simply not many specialized institutions or even mental health professionals available in the DRC. Kinshasa is home to The Telema Mental Center, one of the very few places dedicated to providing proper long-term mental health care to patients.

The Challenge

Patients are often unable to afford access to mental health care. In addition, they may have trouble finding and affording follow-up care and needed therapy.

Our Response

Since 2011 Mwangaza has enjoyed a strategic partnership with the Telema Mental Clinic. This partnership involves a collaboration in the Telema Store. The clinic has an occupational therapy center where patients learn how to regain their motor skills by making souvenirs and other items. We sell the beautiful items made by these strong people. The proceeds are then returned to the clinic to cover patient care and to allow patients to take care of their personal needs. If you have traveled to Kinshasa, chances are you have gone to Telema as one of the highlights of your trip. We also sell Telema Items in special events in the USA.

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