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While $30 a month can't solve every problem in a child's life, it certainly can give them the start and the tools needed to begin a life where they are truly LIVING, not just SURVIVING. Your monthly gift will allow a child to attend school and get an education. It will also let them be a part of an after-school program where they will receive their only guaranteed meal of the day. At this program they will be fed physically, but their little hearts will also be filled knowing that somebody cared enough to allow them to attend and tell them the truth about God's big love. In addition, your sponsorship will allow a child access to emergency medical care if it's needed. 

Thank you for choosing to Sponsor Abigael K-Goma

Abigael K-Goma

Abigael is an 8 year old who likes to play with dolls and make them clothes. She is known for being quiet, peaceful and gentle. Someday she wants to be a doctor so she can help the children in her neighborhood and wear a neat white coat. 

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