Is the child I sponsor available for adoption?

Many of our children are true orphans and are available for adoption, but others still have living families so they are not. If you have a question about a specific child, feel free to contact us and ask.

What is the difference between a Hope Center and and orphanage?

A Hope Center is an "Open Center". Kids don't live here, but they come in for specific programs and then return to their homes. This is because we are trying to keep families together and prevent child abandonment. In an orphanage, children live their full-time and we know there is no one to take care of them outside of that institution.

What is the number one need of the ministry right now?

There are five main areas where Mwangaza focuses their care: medical, economic empowerment, Hope Centers, orphan care and water. You can find details about these on our website that lists their most pressing needs! Please go to the "Our Projects" tab on the homepage of our website.

How do you select chldren to participate in your programs?

In each area where Mwangaza works we have a Community Leader who is familiar with the families and the community. This leader helps us identify which children would benefit from participation in our programs. Once they are selected, representatives of Mwangaza meet with them and their families to talk about the benefits of the program. Then they are put on a list to await sponsorship.

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