Project Espoir ( Hope )



Our Hope Centers are the hub for ministry in the slums of the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are the launching pad for our outreach to vulnerable communities. This is where we strengthen families and make a generational impact for Christ. Our Hope Centers were birthed when we realized that child trafficking and abandonment can be prevented if we focused our effort to build strong communities by strengthening the family unit. Parents who can provide for their families are less vulnerable to the temptation of selling or abandoning a child. -Our Hope Centers are the home to -Our Water Wells -Malnutrition Programs -Literacy Programs for All Ages -Sewing Classes -Welding Classes -Tabora Classes on Economic Empowerment -Our Josiah’s Club, the After School Program for Sponsored Children -Where Sponsored Children are Fed 3 Meals per Day -Our Daycare Centers -Men and Women’s Monthly Ministry Meetings -Art Therapy -Fine Motor Skill Classes for Delayed Children -Coming Soon to Each of our Hope Centers - Prenatal Clinics - Community Clinics for Medical Needs - Teen Classes on sexual purity and education - Early Childhood Development Programs for the Family Unit

We are developing Christian character in our communities through our outreach to the family unit. Strong families make strong communities and strong communities alleviate vulnerabilities. This is why we reach out to each member of the family unit.

The Four Pillars of our Ministry

Families Impacted

Locations Covered

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