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The Democratic Republic of Congo has suffered decades of war and violence. One of the most obvious consequenses of this conflict is a vicious cycle of extreme poverty. A chronic daily fight for survival has caused a desparation among families and individuals that leaves many of them vulnerable to all kinds of evil influences. The combination of poverty and vulnerabiltiy is a leading cause in the rise of human trafficking in the DRC today. In addition, the rise of HIV and AIDS has left many children without families. The stigma of being an "AIDS orphan" often makes it difficult for these children to find a way to get their most basic needs met, which leaves them vulnerable to traffickers and other bad situations.


Mwangaza is commited to helping end human trafficking. We believe that in order to truly alleviate vulnerability in a community, we need to create and provide a comprehensive solution at the local level. If the vulnerable population has a means to get their basic needs provided for, then they will become stronger. They will learn to live instead of just survive. We have been working to find a way to give them back their hope.

Our Response

French for "Project Hope." The Project Espoir aims at creating a "hub" for development and human trafficking prevention. We believe that this can be attained by rebuilding the social fabric of broken communities, providing education to children and their parents, as well as providing decent access to health care. As important as these things are, we feel that meeting basic needs is just the beginning of restoring the people of the DRC. The "package of healing" would be incomplete without creating ways to help these communities become self-sufficient. Through our Hope Project, entrepreneurs can gain access to micro-capital for their individual or collective businesses. Mwangaza has leaders who are experts in community development that work alongside the people every step of the way. Involving the community in its' own rebuilding creates a sense of ownership that is key for the success of such a project. By bringing these hubs of developments to communities, we are helping them break out of a cycle and giving them an opportunity to succeed. All this is done with eternity in sight. The Hope Project has a strong Christian foundation. We currently have two established Hope Centers in Kinshasa. Our Kisenso Hope Center launched in 2015 and is impacting 65 families and the community is growing. The Hope Center in Kinkole focuses on AIDS orphans and fifty children, along with their families, are part of that program today. In addition to these 3 Hope Centers, we also have an Espoir community in Mpasa. Our desire is to establish Hope Centers in Goma, Lubumbashi and Bukavu, as well as two other sites in the city of Kinshasa. Though these areas do not have hope cetners right now, they do have "hope groups" that meet at a temporary location ( leaders' home, church or school). They have the same basic activities as the Hope Center but only focus on children instead of entire families. Sponsorship of children in hope groups provides for their education, nutritional help and basic health care. Our desire is to establish Hope Centers in vulnerable communities throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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