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Mwangaza International exists to bring the light of Jesus Christ to the broken people of the world. Our first mission field is the Democratic Republic of Congo. We are currently helping war victims and churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo recover from a decade of conflict that has devastated the country.

Our awareness of the need for bibles arose during a mission trip in 2006 when we discovered that many churches in eastern DRC did not have any to them whatsoever. Some churches simply couldn't afford them, while other churches chose not to have them present in their congregations due to safety issues.

In the midst of the chaos and horrors of war, the bible helps immensely in keeping Christians spiritually healthy. Providing bibles to churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo during these times of trial will strengthen them and provide them ammunition to fight back the darkness. It will also assist in our goal of training and empowering local leadership to effectively teach the word of God. 

Since 2013 our focus for bible distribution has been the Tanganyika and Haut Lomami provinces. We also distribute bibles in Kinshasa and the Kivus as well.

As of our program's launch in 2007, Mwangaza International has delivered 3,174 bibles to the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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